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About Us

About You Can Learn, Inc.

You Can Learn, Inc., is a Florida based Sub-S corporation that develops educational hand-held applications using multiple Patent Pending processes for the iPad and other tablets. Our applications are built around an innovative approach to the educational process. Instead of using a one size fits all presentation methodology, You Can Learn™ apps present information in a more dynamic and user friendly format.  The courses are customized based on the student’s desires and current level of expertise of the subject using a pre-course evaluation survey and our custom algorithms which tailor the courses to the student’s needs.  Students learn at their own pace and level while having the choice and ability to increase their knowledgebase on the subject matter by opting for advanced course levels, self-evaluation testing and unlimited repetition of the course ─ each time gaining a deeper understanding of each lesson’s objectives.  You Can Learn, Inc., applications contain a complete eManual – a reference eBook containing all the information in the course, as well as a host of supporting tools that enable the student to use the application not only as a course presentation tool, but also as a quick reference guide, subject refresher and much more.