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Education is not “one size fits all.”


At You Can Learn™, we do not believe that every student learns the same way or that education should be limited to the classroom. We believe that harnessing technology should enable you to learn in new and dynamic ways with all forms of multimedia at your fingertips, so we’ve created apps for all age groups, subjects, and needs.


Scholar Series– Surviving school can be difficult. These apps will help you master science, English, mathematics and social studies with ease and entertainment. Go ahead – get that A you deserve!

Life Skills – Some of the skills life requires don’t come naturally to all of us. Take a look at these apps that offer resources on communication, coping, and ways to make everyday life easier.

Technical Learning– Learning new technical skills is a requirement in today’s world where things change fast and old skills are quickly made obsolete. These apps will help you stay current and in-demand.

Lifestyle– Need to get healthier? Have a special interest you want to explore? These apps cover everything from sports to cooking.

Humanities– Our humanities apps cover a wide range of subjects from holiday history to the wonders of the universe.


Before diving into each course, You Can Learn™ offers a pre-course evaluation to test your knowledge and needs in the subject at hand. Based on your responses to the survey, the app gives you brief lessons for the areas you already have a grasp on, and more detailed ones when you’re not as well versed on the subject – a perfect combination for efficiently and effectively learning the material.

So what kind of subjects can you find with You Can Learn™? We are constantly developing apps for life management skills, self-help, technical knowledge, humanities, academic support and more! Throughout the course you will be able to access the eManual – an interactive eBook copy of the course – for future reference.