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Apps Available in Multiple Languages

Despite Spanish being the second most spoken language in the world (right behind Chinese and before English), mobile apps are primarily created in English – and often only in English. Many of the apps available in Spanish are utilitarian, like iBooks, Twitter, Dropbox and WordPress, leaving Spanish speakers with far less options than their English-speaking counterparts.

Some companies, such as Graffiti Entertainment, Inc., are working on creating translations for their apps in multiple languages. Reader Rabbit apps, entertaining and educational apps for children, will soon be available in both French and Spanish, according to Hispanic Business.

Mobile Marketer tells that NBC Universal’s Telemundo station group has released a set of iPhone applications for their Spanish-language TV stations, as mobile devices “are a growing communication platform for Hispanic consumers.”

Though the number of Spanish speakers in the United States and other primarily English-speaking countries is swelling along with the number of Hispanics using mobile technology worldwide, the amount of life skills and educational material is disproportionately low.

This is why You Can Learn, Inc., has made it a priority to make all applicable apps available in both English and Spanish, beginning with our course on Time Management. Skills like organization and communication are universal, and we at You Can Learn believe tips, tricks and ideas should be available in all languages. Keep an eye out for more multilingual applications, available from You Can Learn, Inc.!

Apps available in multiple languages are not sold separately – they are available in a single purchase from the iTunes store. See
Time Management for an example.

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