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Apps for You

Everyone learns in a different way. Step into any classroom and you will find that some students naturally excel in some subjects and struggle in others – proof that sometimes mastery of everything is difficult.

That’s You Can Learn™ apps come in. Instead of relearning lessons you’ve already mastered, get a brief overview of the material and spend more time going over a detailed version of the subject. You Can Learn™ applications are built to provide you with quality lessons built by experts without teaching you things you already have a basic familiarity with. At the start of each course, you are presented with a survey that calculates what you already know, and then presents the lessons in a detailed, standard or brief format based on the answers provided.

  • The Brief course will offer you the basic facts that you need to know with minimal explanation and basic definition of terms.
  • The Standard course will give you the facts and a general explanation of concepts and terminology introduced, as well as some real-world application to the ideas discussed.
  • The Detailed course of a lesson will give facts, complete explanations and definitions and a longer, in-depth discussion of real-world applications of concepts and ideas being introduced.

Each You Can Learn™ app features a pre-course survey, a complete set of lessons, a post-test, and a glossary with terms identified throughout the lesson so definitions can be accessed in the application. The course is also accompanied by an eManual which provides all the material in a narrative format and allows you to browse through information in an ebook format.

We sincerely hope that you get all the knowledge, satisfaction and enjoyment from your You Can Learn™ application that we gained while creating it for you!