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Basic Grammar – A lost art in the Information Age

Without fail new colloquialisms are added to the dictionary, making phrases that were once improper acceptable to teachers, professors, and our handheld devices. Who could forget the addition of muggle, or the controversial inclusion of ya’ll?

Since most of our computers and handheld devices are calibrated to automatically spell-check or auto-correct as we write, most grammar mistakes go unnoticed. These small shifts that help make life more convenient have also helped us lose our grasp on the rules of the grammar.

There are countless resources online to aid people with the rules that govern the English language. Including blogs and websites such as Owl At Purdue, which is often considered to be the best definitive resource in classrooms, and there is a Grammar Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing which offers a basic example for each of the grammar rules in an easy-to-understand way. However, accessing a reference site for a single question rarely results in grammar mastery, and we may soon find the errors that the Tablet Generation makes on paper will begin to infect speech as well.

To fully grasp and reconnect with the rules around the English language, one should stop and explore each of the rules again and examine how they relate to one another. How are a comma and a semicolon different? What separates an independent clause from a dependent clause?

Many adults have limited learning time and wish to acquire the basics of everyday English. Furthermore, parents look to improve and reinforce grammar rules for their children. Mind you, children may learn grammar without even thinking about it, but does that translate to the written word as they get older? Not necessarily.

Get hands on grammatical training for you and your family with You Can Learn’s Basic Grammar for Everyday Life. It’s a no-fuss course for your iPad that reinforces the rules you’ve mastered and reminds you of the rules you might’ve forgotten. In just a few hours you can be writing better, stronger sentences that need less editing in the end.humanities, course, grammar course, humanities course, education, high school, high school course, app, ipad, android

This course is perfect for middle and high school students who are just starting to focus on essays and research, or who are gearing up for standardized tests. It’s also great for adults who need to relearn grammar, since spelling and grammar check can only do so much.

The best part? You Can Learn’s

eManual can serve as a reference guide for those times when you just can’t remember whether or not you should use that apostrophe.


A bonus link: Click here for’s list of unbelievable words added to the dictionary!

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