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Who We Are

Joseph F Tavolacci President and CEO Mr. Tavolacci has had over forty years in business and technical management, leaving him with the nickname “Professor Joe” among his You Can Learn employees. He has had a stellar career full of success and exciting experiences that have lead him to create business alliances, negotiate critical […]

June is Student Safety Month – Is Your Student Using Safe Apps?

#459385065 /     School’s out and students are ready for fun and adventures. This exciting time is why June is student safety month. However, ensuring safety doesn’t stop at wearing helmets and safe swimming. How much time does your child spend on smart phones and tablets over the summer?   The FCC is […]

Business Training with Adaptive Learning

#470453903 /   Advanced adaptive learning is changing the way students learn, but it doesn’t have to stop in the classroom. Time is money; especially in the business world. Imagine going through a training and being able to save time skipping through all of the information you’re already highly familiar with, yet still being […]

Benefits of Tablets in the Classroom

#150337651 / There’s a debate about whether too much technology is in the classroom. Allowing students to use tablets in the classroom is often thought of as distracting and lacking in promoting face-to-face communication. However, there are teachers promoting it. An article from The Journal, explains that according to a study done last year […]

Benefits of advanced adaptive learning

Advanced adaptive learning tends to sound much more complicated than it really is. It’s important to understand what the benefits are before dismissing the option. If you’re not familiar with it, we’ve broken down why it can be helpful for you or your children.   Learning is not one size fits all The way a […]

F-1 Student Visa App Now Available Free

The You Can Learn F-1 Student Visa App is now available free for a limited time only! This educational app provides foreign students with information to ace their F-1 student visa interview. The learning software is for students accepted into a U.S. college or university who are ready for their Consular Office interview. The free […]

F-1 Student Visa App: Now in the App Store

You Can Learn’s new adaptive educational software, the F-1 Student Visa app, will provide foreign students with the information they’ll need for their interview for their F-1 student visa. The app, which is now available via Apple’s App Store is designed for foreign students who have been accepted into an accredited college or university in […]

Learning v. Short Term Memorizing (Part 2)

Last week we talked about two components that may influence whether you learn something or just memorize it briefly or retain in in your memory for a specific purpose, say, a quiz. Today we want to talk about three other methods that have proven to be helpful in the process as well:   3. Repetition– […]

Learning v. Short Term Memorizing

Remember the nights trying to cram an entire study guide for a midterm or exam? How many of the things we “studied” do we remember to this day? It’s interesting to see how many things we simply memorized for a short period of time compared to those we learned “by heart.” The process of trying […]

You Can Learn, Inc., will be at Startup Expo at Republication National Convention

You Can Learn, Inc., is pleased to announce its upcoming participation in the Startup Expo at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The exposition, which will take place at the end of August, seeks to exhibit local entrepreneurs and small businesses to showcase not only emerging brands, but to show the growth and potential in […]