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YCL Building Block™

Our newest methodology…

  • Is a system of delivering personalized learning to the users of mobile/handheld devices packaged within dynamic integrated applications.
  • Uses real-time interactive algorithms to assess student knowledge levels and progress coupled with various multimedia inclusions, interactive objects, and proprietary frameworks that allow the courses to operate.
  • Is a core body of knowledge presented in increasingly higher levels of detailed knowledge which build on the levels preceding it. The more the student has learned the more detailed and rigorous the presented information becomes.
  • Sets us apart from the competition by delivering content in a unique and valuable way.

Learning is not a pencil and paper process – it’s a process as dynamic and individual as you are. So why adapt to a static system when you can choose the system that adapts to you?

 You Can Learn, Inc., has created a new system for learning that not only utilizes multimedia to promote engagement and retention, but also adapts to the user’s needs throughout the course. Building Block™ courses use quizzes and activities to gauge the student’s level and ensure that specific benchmarks in learning are met  before the student progresses to the next lesson. Modules – similar to chapters – are organized in levels that are perfect for classroom and individual use.

Look for You Can Learn Building Block™ applications, coming soon!