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Business Training with Adaptive Learning


Advanced adaptive learning is changing the way students learn, but it doesn’t have to stop in the classroom.

Time is money; especially in the business world.

Imagine going through a training and being able to save time skipping through all of the information you’re already highly familiar with, yet still being able to show your boss you fully understand. In the same way that students can work at their own pace and advance when they feel comfortable with the material, business employees can too.

It is not uncommon for employees to have to do compliance trainings every couple years to refresh their understanding of laws, regulations and company policies. These are often in timed intervals online or in an in person setting where employees have to listen to the trainer talk for an hour or more. These methods are often boring, time consuming and ineffective. This is a perfect instance for advanced adaptive learning technology.

Rather than waste the time of the employees by explaining the laws and regulations already known, advanced adaptive learning can spend time teaching the employees what they don’t know. By providing a series of questions and explanations only for the questions they get wrong.

This is a major benefit to long-term employees allowing them to prove what they know and save time. It also allows for the same training program to inform new employees about everything they need to know. This also ensures that the employees are not just hearing or reading the information, but show an understanding by answering questions correctly.

The Advanced Healthcare Network for Nurses says adaptive learning apps for passing National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses has filled learning gaps that nursing students can assess immediately. This methodology doesn’t have to stop at exam preparation.

The medical field changes rapidly and nurses can quickly update their knowledge with advanced adaptive trainings to fill in the gaps and break down what they don’t know without wasting time re-learning what they know well.

Many different types of work change constantly and providing an effective training is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. Learning continues to happen long after graduation day and methods for learning should be just as adaptive.

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