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eLearning: A Supplement or a Replacement for the Classroom?

It’s an international sensation – PCs, tablets, and virtual environments are becoming the top supplemental tool for teachers everywhere. The days when teachers would order textbooks for each student are gone. Instead, they keep a list of product keys and URLs.

Perhaps the advent of the Smartphone is the best indicator for what is to come. According to the Industry and Technology Times of Korea, “smart learning has become even more widespread as the number of smart phone subscribers has reached 20 million in October, 2011. This increase gives us a glimpse into what the future holds for this amazing technology,” and with life expectancies expected to surpass 100 years for the next generation, educational systems are being developed to facilitate lifelong learning.

This, in addition to the rise of interdisciplinary teaching in both colleges and primary schools, leads many parents to question if classroom learning is enough. In Hillsborough County alone, more than 12,000 online course enrollments for high school credit are supported – many of them taken by middle school students with a drive to get ahead.

Developments in digital learning are becoming commonplace in public schools. Recently, a limited number of school districts (You Can Learn’s home district of Hillsborough County included) were recognized by K12 Inc.for their willingness and efforts to implement new technologies in classrooms. This falls into their celebration of Digital Learning Day – a concept that may someday fall by the wayside as all learning becomes digital.

With or without a teacher and classroom, however, it is easy for students to fall behind and find themselves confused in later lessons. Parents and students turn to aid materials to supplement curriculum to give students the best chance possible to excel.

You Can LearnTM is one of the first companies to offer supplemental educational tools on tablet devices. Courses are designed to target students’ problem areas and offer detailed instruction when needed, and brief overviews for areas in which mastery is nearly reached. These programs are designed to be both through and entertaining with a wealth of multimedia and assessment tools available.

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