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Unravel the Mysteries of Greek Mythology

Rick Riordan didn’t invent the Olympians.

In fact, the powerful, dynamic, and often lusty Greek gods have their origins far back in ancient history – origins which were most popularly recorded in Hesiod’s Theogony.  According to this text, everything began with the amorphous void called Chaos, which gave birth to Gaea, the earth mother, and Eros, a personification of love. The mountains of Olympus and the underworld Tartarus were created, and Gaea brought forth the sea, called Pontus, and the Sky, named Uranus.

Gaea took Uranus as her lover, and they had many children, then Titans included. Uranus, out of fear of his children’s potential power, Uranus was a cruel father until Cronos, the youngest of the Titans, teamed with his mother to defeat his father.

Cronos and the Titan gods took power, and he ruled with his sister Rhea, until history came to repeat its self. Paranoia drove Cronos to eat each of his children as they were born. He also imprisoned his other siblings from Uranus and Gaea – the Cyclopses and the Hecatonchires – in Tartarus.

It was not until Rhea gave birth to Zeus that she decided to manipulate Cronos. But how did Zeus and the Olympians take power from the cruel Titan Cronos?

This and many more mysteries of Greek mythology are unraveled in the You Can LearnTM app Mysteries of Greek Mythology. Find out where the gods came from, what their powers are, and how their dysfunctional family was worshiped in ancient times. From Aphrodite to Zeus, we’ve got it all covered!


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