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Interview Dos and Don’ts You Might Have Forgotten

There’s a laundry list of things that can help you during your interview and things that can hinder it. Job searching can be tough enough by itself –don’t make it even harder by doing or saying the wrong thing when interviewing! Here are a few tips that some people overlook or take for granted:

  • Don’t complain or show a hint of desperation – Employers want to believe that you are interviewing for this job because you believe it is a great opportunity and you’ll be an asset to their company.  They don’t want to know that you’ve been searching for a job for over a year, you are struggling to pay your bills or that you hate your present boss.


  • Do Discuss Your Former Employer’s Successes – Speaking positively about a former employer’s successes shows that you are team player and contributed to their success. Employers want employees that are passionate about their job and proud of their company.


  • Do Conduct Research on the Company that is Interviewing You – There are many benefits to knowing about a company that interests you. A key benefit is that research will help you to visualize your place within the organization. You’ll be better able to describe your assets once you’ve determined their needs and interests. It will also provide you with questions to ask the interviewer during uncomfortable silences, or at the end of the interview.


  • Do use LinkedIn and Other Online Resources to Learn About Your Interviewer – If you know the name of the person interviewing you, it might be a good idea to look them up. You might find that you share similar interests, attended the same schools or have opposite ideologies. This knowledge can help build rapport with your interviewer and avoid divisive topics. Either way, knowing about your interviewer will increase your self confidence. They’ve got your resume and researched you; why not learn about who you’re dealing with?


  • Don’t Leave the Interview Without Taking a Business Card from Your Interviewer – Business cards are great because you can see the proper spelling, title and contact information for your interviewer.  You’re going to want to follow up with a thank you note and connect with them via your social media networks. What better way to make sure you’re spelling their name right, and sending your social invitation to the right person than referring to their card?

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Good Luck!


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