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June is Student Safety Month – Is Your Student Using Safe Apps?



School’s out and students are ready for fun and adventures. This exciting time is why June is student safety month. However, ensuring safety doesn’t stop at wearing helmets and safe swimming.

How much time does your child spend on smart phones and tablets over the summer?


The FCC is enforcing stronger regulations with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)to protect students, but according to a release on PRWeb many people are unaware of the practices app developers are using to collect personal data.

Because app use is making a stronger appearance in education, it is important for parents and teachers to look into the apps and be aware of the policies of apps they are using to ensure the safety of their child and avoid data collection.

Some steps you can take to ensure safety with apps are:


1. Review the terms and conditions. Too often we agree without even knowing what we are agreeing to, but for your child’s safety it’s important to know what they collecting.


2. Check out the developer’s website or read reviews. A simple Google search of the developers name will let you know if they have a bad rap or not. Also check the privacy policy, it is an FCC requirement to be able to read it.


3. Pay attention to what is being collecting and what the functions of the app are. If an app is collecting location data, but it doesn’t have a mapping feature – don’t download it. If the app isn’t direct or clear about what it will collect – don’t download it. Some apps may require some data to function, but


4. Don’t give your password to your child to download apps. Although it may seem easier just to let them know your password so you don’t have to be bothered every time they want to download something new, if you have to put the password in to download the app it gives you a chance to review what they’re downloading.


5. Talk about appropriate phone use and avoid apps that may put your child in contact with strangers. There are a lot of apps with chat features and they can easily put a child at risk if they’re not aware of the dangers of sharing information with strangers.



Smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular among younger students. They provide plenty of opportunity to enhance learning for a child, however it is import to make sure they are staying safe.

If you’re looking for some safe apps for your child to continue learning this summer we recommend check out some of our apps designed for the best learning experience.