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Learning with Apple – Apps to Help You Grow

With students today becoming increasingly reliant on their own mobile technology, it seems only natural that educators, along with phone and tablet application developers, would start looking towards entertaining applications with educational elements to engage students. More and more teachers are finding ways to incorporate mobile apps in their curriculum., an affiliate of Yahoo! Education, offers a list of 20 educational iPhone and iPad apps used by classroom teachers. Biology, art, history, science, geography, language arts, and more are represented on this collection of currently available apps. The diversity available on this list is a cross section of apps available and in development around the world to meet a host of needs for learners.

Apple which has long held a commitment to education by providing computers and equipment to schools across the globe and encouraging initiatives to help students learn through technology formally recognized the potential for mobile technology in education. By creating collections for each academic discipline, the technology giant will hopefully spur development to create interactive applications for all disciplines and all learning needs.

But are mobile devices as practical as they seem? iPads In Education makes an excellent case for the use of iPads in the classroom, stating that they are a new form of technology that is still partially undefined, but will grow in use, since the devices does what many others can do, but offers more, specifically to education.

iPads can also be used to help personalize education for each student, and lower the need for technicians in schools to deal with computer problems. It can be used to host applications created by educators for individual classrooms, and will save student progress, eliminating student excuses for not doing work. The iPad also has the potential to report assessments directly to teachers to save time in data entry.

In summation, iPad In Education states that “when all the potential functionality of the iPad is added up, its form factor, the iOS, the cameras, and the apps, it becomes clear that the iPad is a Personal Learning Studio. It can be a science lab, literacy tool, research station, history archive, language lab, art canvas, music studio, video editing suite, games console and library.”

Of course, this information and these ideas are relevant to You Can Learn apps. At You Can Learn, Inc., we believe the same things – that the power and versatility of mobile technology should be used to make learning an efficient, entertaining, and rich experience at all levels. We have made it our goal to bring our apps to as many platforms as possible, including iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Windows 8.