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New Features Coming to You Can Learn Apps!

Over the past year, You Can Learn, Inc., has refined its presentation methodologies for educational material, searched the internet for the best available media sources, and worked towards developing entertaining interactive objects to help our users learn with ease and efficiency.

In recent months, multimedia additions have been added to the list of upcoming features for our apps. A text-reader will soon be incorporated to aid auditory learners, and tools such as flash cards and matching games will be available for study. These will feature in both lessons and in assessment elements to aid the app in tailoring content to individual student needs.

To date, all released You Can Learn apps have been built under the multi-level methodology, which allows for a linear set of lessons to be presented based on a single pre-course survey. Each lesson is already set to the detailed, standard, or brief version based upon user input. That paradigm will be altered for Building BlockTM apps.

Building BlockTM apps will encompass entire subjects tailored towards specific age groups. They will be suitable for classroom use on a semester or year-long basis, or for individual learners who want to get a head start or use a refresher course.

One of the most appealing features of Building BlockTM apps are the assessment tools. As students in a classroom setting move through lessons, their progress will be tracked and sent to their teacher, allowing him or her to know as soon as problems or gaps in learning arise and remedy the situation with in-person instruction. This feature will help keep students from falling behind while identifying issues at both the individual student and classroom levels.

There are exciting developments happening at You Can Learn, Inc.! If you have ideas, question, or would like to speak with us about creating an app for your use, please contact us – we would love to hear from you!