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Protect Yourself with Identity Theft Detection and Identity Repair Tools

In the United States each individual has nine digits that represent his/her existence . They’re called your Social Security number and are an essential piece to identifying your eligibility for many decisions in your financial life. Your job, bank account, family, children, marriage, college, healthcare decisions are all affected by the order of numbers between the dashes found on a little blue card. Most of us don’t realize how easy it is to become a victim of identity theft or how easily it is for identity predators to use that information to open credit cards, buy cars and even file for bankruptcy in your name!

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that over eight million adults were victims of identity fraud in 2010. Two years later the damage is still affecting the victims of these crimes. What actions can you take for identity theft precautions to lower and ultimately remove all possible risks?

You Can Learn™, understands that each of its students and customers are constantly on the move. If you are throwing away documents without shredding them, or not monitoring your credit report you are at risk of credit fraud. You might unknowingly be sending emails with vital information or text messages with your credit card details to make payments and putting your credit history in jeopardy. You may already be a victim. There are tools to help in identity theft detection.

The Protecting Your Identity app will not only provide you with identity theft precautions, but the app also guides those who are present victims and need identity theft help. You Can Learn™, has identified what steps are needed to take to get your identity theft repair and how you can bounce back from it?


Our application includes an eManual with six individual lessons to get you started:


Lesson 1 – What is Identity Theft?

Lesson 2 – How is My Information Stolen?

Lesson 3 – What Thieves Do with Your Information.

Lesson 4 – How Can I protect Myself?

Lesson 5 – What Should I do If I Become a Victim?

Lesson 6 – Identity Theft Resources


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