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Searching for a Job in Uncertain Times

Searching for a Job in Uncertain Times

In the first quarter of 2012 there were 1,077 layoff events in the United States, creating 182,101 unemployed workers in addition to those who were already searching for work. Right now, 11% of Americans are unemployed, and many who have secured jobs are either working outside their field, or being paid too little for their education level or the amount of effort they put in each day.

Though the national unemployment rate is currently at 9.3% of the work force, rates are worse in some states and better in others. Those in Nevada, Rhode Island, and California, where unemployment rates are far higher than the national average are facing more difficulties finding work than workers in North Dakota, Nebraska, and South Dakota where unemployment rates are below 4.5%.

Every day we are bombarded with statistics about jobs lost economic problems in America, and though the statistics hit home, it creates a sense of hopelessness for those currently searching for a new job or a change in employment. There has been a paradigm shift concerning the methods of locating jobs – one can no longer spend the day approaching business owners and passing out resumes. In the digital age, an online job hunt is necessary, making it difficult for potential employees to make a strong first impression.

Resume reviewers, career centers, and headhunters may sound appealing, but it is entirely possible to market yourself effectively through the internet to find the job you deserve. Using the tools in the You Can LearnTM Successful Job Hunt educational app, as well as looking around online for ideas, you can make the most of each and every resume, cover letter, and interview you score!

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