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Seven Incredible Concepts in Physical Science

Ever since the apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head, the laws and concepts of physical science have fascinated humans. Physical science isn’t all about gravity: however, it is the study of the nature of nonliving matter and energy that affects every single person on earth, every day.

For instance, you encounter three of the states of matter everyday – solids, liquids and gasses – but did you know that there are two that you don’t normally think of? The more common of the two, plasma, is actually a gas so energized that the electrons break free of the atoms, leaving a soup of electrons and positively charged nuclei. This form of matter can be found in light bulbs, neon signs, stars, and flames.

The less common fifth form of matter is the Bose-Einstein Condensate, which is the opposite of plasma. At extremely low temperatures close to absolute zero, atoms have no energy at all and begin to clump together. Instead of behaving like individual particles, they begin to act as a cluster.

So how do particles work? What are atoms made of? Take a look inside You Can Learn’s Seven Incredible Concepts in Physical Science app. Learn about matter, atoms, electricity, the Periodic Table, chemical reactions, the laws of motion and gravity. Explore the force at work all around you!


Gaining an understanding of the concepts in physical science is like putting on a pair of magical glasses that allow you to view the world in a new light! This course will teach you some of the basics of physical science and the universe!