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The Making of an iPad App

With so many apps on the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace, it is easy to forget that each and every game, tool and application is created by a team of hardworking individuals who spend hours staring at screens to bring you the best app possible.

At You Can Learn, Inc., there are several steps taken to ensure that you receive a quality educational experience from the convenience of your tablet. Careful research, structuring and integration go into the making of each and every app. Take a look at the You Can Learn Process:


1. Research and Writing

Students, teachers and researchers comb through books, scour the internet, and pick the brains of specialists in the field to outline, research and write the content of each You Can Learn course. Many hours go into the writing of each chapter of the eManual, which contains all the information in the detailed version of each lesson. After a final review, the eManual is sent off to the editors.


2. Editing and Construction

The eManual – the masterpiece that each writer creates – is sent off to the editors, who promptly tear it apart to create the detailed, standard, and brief versions of each lesson. They remove and restructure each detail to ensure that you are taught everything you need to know, and avoid muddling through things you already know. After all the words have been checked and touched, the eManual and lessons are sent to the coders and testers.


3. Coding and Testing

The edited eManual and lessons are dropped into the dynamic You Can Learn framework, along with a carefully created algorithm designed to assess your needs. It is then tested to ensure that all links, glossary terms, and media items are in their correct places, and any necessary changes in wording are made before the app is distributed and made available to you!


Take a look at the video below to learn more about the You Can Learn process and team!


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