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Valentine’s Day Around the World – The Meaning Behind the Candy


As lovers rush to buy their sweeties gifts, and struggle to find words to express their appreciation for their loved ones: Complaints abound on the internet, radio, and in coffee shops about the commercialism of holidays. We talk about how meanings have been lost in Christmas and name a large bunny the chief culprit in the over-sugaring of Easter.

The details behind Valentine’s day are rarely discussed. There’s so much more to with this holiday, but it has become a day for committed men to purchase the mandatory flowers and chocolate or for singles to lament previous relationships.

This mentality is seen throughout the international community. Recent news has reported that many Muslims rise against celebrating the holiday, as it is contrary to their religion and limits expression of love to a single day, when (as they believe) it should be celebrated year-round.

Furthermore, other countries including in the United Kingdom, the holiday ousts the unattached. “It’s all right for your average nauseatingly happy couple or those with a penchant for a fluffy heart-shaped cushion – not so much fun for the unattached,” writes Press and Journal of the United Kingdom.

Nevertheless, bloggers offer tips for coping with what is often called “Single’s Awareness Day” (or S.A.D.) as others look for ideas to create the perfect card for a loved one.

Meanwhile, Anti-Valentine’s Day parties are being planned across the United States in places like Charleston, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; and Land O’ Lakes, Florida. February 14th approaches, and couples everywhere are fretting about plans and gifts without knowing the real meaning behind Valentine’s Day.

Instead of loving to hate the holiday, try looking at it in a different way. Take some time to focus on yourself this year. Spend the day with family, friends, or a good book. Explore the background of Valentine’s Day to put some meaning back in the cards, candy and celebrations.

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