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What You Can Learn Can Offer You

You Can Learn has a lot to offer its customers. With iPad and Android applications in development for life and technical skills, as well as seminars available for the work and office, You Can Learn and its parent company Tavolacci and Associates can meet all of your personal and corporate learning needs.

Tavolacci and Associates, a Tampa, Florida company, is known for its business and technical consulting services for on-site training and seminars for employees. Seminars offer a wide range of subject matter from web systems analysis to application development, and are always taught by a highly-qualified instructor.

This same principal is applied to the more accessible You Can Learn applications. “The You Can Learn instructional methodology is a new and innovative approach to learning,” says “Professor Joe” Tavolacci, You Can Learn founder. “It includes include a full unabridged eManual with a glossary of drill down terms, hot links, pop ups and much more.”

“Built into each application is an automated query process coupled with proprietary algorithms that evaluate the student’s skill levels and desires. Accordingly, each lesson is dynamically constructed for each student individually, based on their desires and understanding of the subject material.”

After each lesson has been presented, students are given a test that evaluates the knowledge a learner has gained.

In Professor Joe’s words, You Can Learn is built on the philosophy that learning is not “one size fits all” – a sentiment much needed as technology and life changes how people approach learning new skills both for the workplace and life.