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You Can Learn – A New Way of Teaching Yourself

You Can Learn will soon be offering revolutionary DIY educational applications for iPad and Android platforms that will learn you before you learn them.

Learning something on your own is difficult. It’s no secret that you often find books that insist on teaching you things you already know before getting to what you need, or websites that desperately need more detail. It is rarely a simple task to find what you need to learn a new skill on the first try.

Instead of searching everywhere, why don’t you find an application that will offer you lessons based on what you already know and what you need now – a program that caters a lesson to you, rather than forcing you to dig for what you need? Welcome to You Can Learn, the next step in interactive education.

Before diving into each lesson, You Can Learn offers a survey to test your knowledge and needs in the subject at hand. As it presents you the material, it gives you brief lessons for the areas you already have a grasp on, and more detailed ones when you’re not as well versed – a perfect combination for efficiently and effectively learning the material that you want to learn.

So what kind of subjects can you find with You Can Learn? There’s a set of lessons for anything from life management skills to technical know-how to self improvement in development. You’ll know about how long it will take to complete each course in advance, and you will receive an eBook copy of the course for future reference.

You Can Learn will be available for iPad and Android initially, but more platforms may be on the way to make them accessible to more people. The interactive interface utilizes touch technology to make a dynamic learning experience that is not only useful, but fun too!